An attempted abduction. A terrible accident. A second chance in someone else’s body.

Amelia Fischer never expected to wake up in a hospital. And she especially didn’t expect to find herself in the body of her 5 foot nothing rival, Sophie Graham. The doctors assure her that it’s just amnesia, that she’s confused, that she’ll start to remember everything. Eventually.

But when the details of the accident reveal that Amelia Fischer, the tall, dark-haired girl she had looked at in the mirror for 17 years, is in the ICU on life support, she knows there is more at work here. There was a stranger at the scene of the accident. A stranger who tried to take her. A stranger who is now stalking her sister.

Meanwhile, Sophie Graham's perfect life proves more complicated than Amelia would have guessed. Her parents hover, her boyfriend lurks and the guy next door is the most inconvenient combination of sexy and charming.

Amelia has no idea what really happened to her the night of the accident, but she knows she has to figure out the truth before it’s too late. Because the doctors were right. One by one, Sophie’s memories are returning, one by one, Amelia's memories are fading and it won’t be long before Amelia Fischer is gone forever.


Katherine Tegen Books, June 26, 2018
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